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DrivinTime -  Achieving complete compliance with the Road Transport Directive

If you drive or are responsible for someone who drives a vehicle fitted with a Tachograph (analogue or digital) then the Road Transport Directive applies to YOU!!!!!

What are you currently doing? tacho card


This really is not an option.
You MUST be able to demonstrate through records that you are fully complying.
Even if you believe you & your drivers are not exceeding any limits you MUST keep all “Good & Proper Records”
The Penalties for non-compliance are extensive!



Manually recording & calculating everything?

This is VERY time consuming and prone to a very high error rate. To perform the basic calculations for 5 drivers will take approximately ½ day per week.

Using an Excel spreadsheet to perform some or all calculations?

Good. But are you also correctly handling new drivers, part-time drivers and drivers that leave your employment?

Where are you obtaining your drivers time from?

Tacho charts, work/job logs. If you or your drivers are calculating time - serious costly mistakes will occur.

My tacho analyst does it all.

They probably are not!

Are you aware of what you MUST do to comply with the Road Transport Directive?

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roadDrivinTime makes it easy

laptopHow much does it cost and what do I need to do next?

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